This has been the most rewarding week of my life.

I’d say it’s been the craziest, but there was that week back in ’14 when I didn’t sleep for five days straight. When you set out to do something that hasn’t been done before, you’ll be confronted with infinite obstacles. It is like an unknown interval of hard work, failure, success, trials, joy, frustration, mountains and valleys. It’s fair to say that years of hard work are paying off and it feels good!

I’d like to start by saying THANK YOU to everyone who has believed in me and supported my work. Being on “Shark Tank” last Friday was a life changing experience and I’ll likely refer to my life in a BST/AST format from now on. That’s “Before Shark Tank” and “After Shark Tank” for those of you who didn’t follow.

We’ve received thousands of orders since Friday night and want to thank everyone who has hopped on and made a purchase. Your support is truly funding the future of obesity opposition and what we have coined Creative Nutrition Education.

I want to thank ABC for giving me the opportunity to deliver my message on perhaps the grandest stage available in the modern era. The experience was one of a kind and has left a lasting mark on my life.

The conundrum of being on “Shark Tank” is that you are specifically instructed not to bump up your business because your pitch is not guaranteed to air. However, if your show airs, you need to be able to handle the business that results from the millions of eyes that see your product. All around, it is a good “hard place” to be in and we are experiencing some positive challenges. We immediately hired additional staff and are in the process of expanding our prep facility so that we can get the meals from our freezer to yours as quickly as possible.

If you’ve been following me for any period of time, you’re aware of the Fund Our Freezer campaign that netted us our shiny new distribution facility with the mac daddy freezer holding meals at -15 degrees day and night! It has more than double the capacity of what we are currently using, so we’re covered there. What’s next?


You’ll likely see the Fund Our Kitchen campaign in the near future. We’ve got one acre of land that is prepped and ready for the next step in our Super Awesome Paleo Empire Campus (SAPEC), the kitchen! While I thought it was a 5-year plan, it has now become a 1-year plan. I hope to move production from our current location to the SAPEC by December 31st, 2017. I like to set agile goals, which can change direction at any moment. When you etch things in stone, you miss out on a lot.

FOK is only the next step. After that, we’ll move to a 39-acre Unprecedented Paleo Inspired Campus Kitchen (UPICK) with culinary incubator, Creative Nutrition Education University (CNEU), and Gym Of All Gyms (GOAG). We’ve also got plans for PIE, the Paleo Island Experience, which is a current skunkworks project, and thus, top secret.

I could go on and on with gratitude, current happenings and future plans, but I’ve got to get back to work! I titled this post “We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Boat…” because it tied our current dilemma in with the “Shark Tank” experience via JAWS. While the Sharks didn’t bite on my offer, I’m glad they didn’t. We’ll have our million by month’s end and we are in the market for a bigger boat…

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

“Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(Some awesome artwork of me on “Shark Tank” by Gerri Findley. It could just as well be titled “Humbled & Flattered”…)

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