Stocking The Paleo Bank Account – A Family Affair…

I had the pleasure of traveling North last weekend to meet one of the most amazing families in existence. I had been coaching Paleo Rick (the father) on nutrition for a few months and we decided to take the experience to the next level. The trip was legendary and could have easily been called a “run by stocking” similar to Mrs. Doubtfire’s “run-by fruiting”. It was effective in not only preparing a lot of food, but in teaching the “Smith Family” techniques that they’ll take with them for life. It went quickly, but we did take some pics, so check this out…
We started with a trip to The Restaurant Depot, then stopped by the house where we rubbed 18 racks of ribs (seen above) with my Super Radical Rib Rub and loaded them in the smoker. Then, it was off to Costco, Sam’s Club and Sprouts to stock up on the remaining groceries.
We made three deep dish breakfast pizzas:
Lots of Kung Pao-leo Shrimp and Scallops:
I taught Paleo Rick how to create a Caramel Color of another kind as part of the Chipotle Braised Short Ribs (and beef shank):
We smoked 18 racks of ribs, a bunch of chicken drummies, two eye of round roasts, and these four beauties:
I taught them how to sharpen their knives, we sharpened every knife in the kitchen (except the butter knives) and the kids got involved:
Was that another stanza? Come on, Nick, stop the rhyming already!
Did I mention the kids were involved?
The kids were inolved as well… (Here we see Mrs. Islas Azores/Basque Region Daughter, who is the boss of the household and rightly so. We’ll just call her “MA”. She is one of the most amazing women I’ve ever met.)
We had to eat, so we made things like Tuna Two Ways:
And Scallops with Sweets and Spinach:
And Kalbi-Style Short Ribs with Asparagus and Mushroom Almondine:
We learned about Mise en Placeand how to cook outdoors:
Paleo Rick learned how to sauté like a champ!:
And sear shrimp like a stud!:
Little “J” and the Paleo Papa beat Little “A” and I in a breakfast pizza cook off (even though ours tasted better and was done first, we were all winners on this day!):
In the end, we ended up with tons of food. We also made:

In a way, it was like a Paleo Nick “trunk show” where I pulled out all of the stops, taught all that I knew, and left behind a host of healthy, wholesome meals packed with flavor. We Zoned them out “to a T” and stocked their Paleo Bank Account like never before.
The total trip was 47 hours and 50 minutes and we made the most of it.
Was it easy? No.
Was it fun? Without a doubt.
We started early and ended late each day, but I am a firm believer that the best friendships are forged through hard work and long hours.
We were all in the trenches together, but not the type of trench you’d think of in battle. It was more the type of trench where the orchestra sits below the stage in a theatre. I was the conductor and Paleo Rick, MA, Little “J” and Little “A” sat first chair in their respective roles and played to their heart’s content.
I stood up on the podium and what I saw/heard was music to my ears…
“Keep It Paleo!” guys.
Your Pal,
Paleo Nick
(We did find a few hours to hit the links. I taught Paleo Rick how to cook and he gave me a golf lesson. Look closely and you can see the ball. I took par on this hole thanks to Rick’s tutelage.)


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