Spaghetti Squash – AKA Paleo Pasta


Do you guys remember the Holocaust? And those crazy guys called the Nazis?

Well, among them was an elite crew called the SS, which is said to stand for Schutzstaffel. They were the party’s “Protection Squadron” and they were rumored to be tough guys.

But, what if they were just a crew of cronies who liked complex carbohydrates? And they had a patch to prove it? I think SS stands for Spaghetti Squash.

Just a thought…

Anyways. Don’t think too much about those guys, or you might have bad dreams. Just thank me for teaching you that they were just a bunch of squash eating softies…

I have a ton going on right now, but wanted to get this portion of the next video out to you. To release a video of the ragout and squash all in one would be too long. So, this shows you how to deal with the squash and what the completed plate looks like. The next video will show you how to make the Grass-Fed Beef and Garden Veggie Ragout and what it looks like after I portion it all out for freezing.

Don’t get too excited about the spaghetti squash. Instead, get excited about the 25 pound pig leg I purchased from this crazy Italian lady today.

I’ll share the details with you later, but just know that I have a lot on my plate right now and next week will be a better time to update you about the future of…

Today, I spent a lot of time here:

Which is looking like it might be my new kitchen for shooting the cooking videos. That is the sink in the foreground. Not a bad view, eh?

I was the last shopper in Whole Foods tonight picking up these two, grass-fed beauties.

The great thing about Filet Mignon is that it’s initials are the same as those of Fargo-Moorhead. You know, the tenderest, highest quality city duo in the USA, a little right of center, just like the Filet Mignon…

I ended up spending $600 for 3 bags and a box and one of the bags was full of sweet potatoes! Hand over fist, baby, hand over fist…

I made another friend while waiting in line. That is two visits to Redondo Beach Whole Foods and two people very interested in the Paleo Diet.

I am getting very tired, so I’m going to wrap this up. I’ll definitely need a cup of Bullet Proof Coffee tomorrow, I’ve got my stick of grass-fed butter ready…

Exciting things are happening, so be sure to stay tuned.

Do yourself a favor and “Keep It Paleo!”

Thank you and good night.

Spreading the LOVE,

Paleo Nick

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