Shrimp and Scallop Orecchiette




I’ll never get sick of shrimp and scallops.

While I prefer a superbly seared sea scallop, bay scallops are more economical and easy to find. They’re located in the freezer section of the meat department for around $7.00 per pound. Look for ones that simply say “scallops” on the ingredient list and stay away from Sodium Tripolyphosphate, which is commonly used in frozen seafood. The stuff is so nasty it grips the underside of your tongue and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. Purse scallops are the way to go.

Orecchiette (little ear) is a fairly common pasta shape made by cutting small pieces of dough and rolling them around the end of your thumb. You can see Nonna Romana do it here.

I love mushrooms! When you slice them they look like ears, so I thought, what the heck? Let’s “Keep It Paleo!” and skirt the dense belly-full of pasta. Throw in some avocado and a dollop of Sriracha and you’ve got a winner of a dinner. I hope you’ll give this Paleo pasta a try today and know that you’ll smile when you do.

I’ve been insanely busy with my Ice Age Meals project. Since our Shark Tank appearance just over one month ago, my life has changed. I’ve been working lots of hours, night shifts, early mornings, and even two back to back nine-to-fives! I’m not bragging about working so much, simply letting you guys know why I’ve missed a few Massie Mondays and why my social media performance has been light. I hope to be through this transition within the next two weeks and back on track in order to finish the year strong. I’ve got trips to Thailand, Vegas and Nicaragua coming up as well, so be sure to stay tuned as I dialogue the experiences.

Thank you all for taking an interest in my life, for reading this post and for supporting my work. I never imagined that the pursuit of success would be so difficult. I am truly amazed and the amount of effort it takes to make a mark on the masses.

Have a wonderful night and do your best to “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

Shrimp and Scallop Orecchiette

Ingredients List:

  • 6 wild caught shrimp, rinsed, peeled and deveined, set on a plate lined with paper towel
  • ½ cup wild caught bay scallops, rinsed and set on the same plate with shrimp
  • 12oz mushrooms, sliced
  • ½ avocado, sliced into thin strips
  • 2 cloves of garlic, smashed and rough chop
  • Olive oil

Preparation Instructions:

        1. Heat a 14” skillet over medium-high heat and add olive oil. Add garlic, allow it to cook for 30 seconds. Add mushrooms and a splash of water to prevent garlic from overcooking. Season with Kosher salt and pepper and add a little more olive oil. Continue to cook until all the moisture from the mushrooms has released and cooked off/reduced. Season with salt to your liking during this process
        2. Transfer the mushrooms to a bowl and set the pan back on the heat and add another squeeze of olive oil.
        3. Season the top side of the shrimp and scallops with salt and pepper, place in pan and season the other side with more salt and pepper
        4. Meanwhile, on a serving plate, fan out the half of an avocado to resemble a flower or sun shape. Stack the cooked mushrooms into a nest on top of the avocado. Top with seafood mixture, garnish with Sambal and enjoy

      “Keep It Paleo!”


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