“How To” – Sharpen Your Knife Yo!


I’ve discussed the knife sharpening topic on this site before and people regularly ask which knives to buy and how often to sharpen them.

My thoughts on which knives to buy can be found here:

The Chef Knife Series – The Importance Of A Good Knife

I show you how I sharpen my knives in this article:

The Chef Knife Series – How To Sharpen VIDEO

Give those two articles a read/watch and you’ll be headed in the right direction. As far as how often you should sharpen your knives, the answer is simple; “As often as they need to be sharpened.” I typically sharpen my knives at the beginning of every prep session and sometimes, I’ll finish the session by sharpening them once again. A general rule is that, if you cut through an onion and you can hear your blade catch on each layer, it is time to sharpen them up.

One of the Viking Rules is to “Be Prepared”. Part of this is to “Keep Weapons In Good Condition”. In a modern sense, the Chef knife is one of the few weapons we possess. So, we would do well to follow this sage advice and keep them sharp. It is respectful and having a sharp knife, like having a clean sink, will help you sleep better. For a better look at the Viking Laws, check this out:

Keep your knives sharp and “Keep It Paleo!”

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