Weekly Prep – Roasted Veggies


Just like you can milk anything that has nipples, you can roast anything in the oven. In this article, I show how to prepare beets, butternut squash, whole onions and sweet potatoes. If you prep these out at the beginning of each week, it will make your life easier.

This video was inspired by a conversation with Pat Sherwood. He said something like, “I heat up my oven once per week to cook some sweet potatoes. It would be great to learn some other things that I could throw in the oven at the same time.”

Because these vegetables are pretty hands-off, it is a good idea to do some weekly protein prep while they are in the oven. In this particular situation, I made a batch of Paleo Green Monster and a batch of Paleo Chicken Wings with Pineapple and Poblano while the vegetables were roasting.


Whole Roasted Onions


Who watches Gold Rush?

Tony Beets!

Sweet Potatoes

You don’t have to wrap the beets or sweet potatoes in foil, but I suggest you do as it achieves a steamed effect.

Depending on how often you work out, these offerings could become staples in your diet. They are all great post workout carb options that pack a flavorful punch. Stick around and I’ll show you how I use them.

Alright, that’s all for now. Off to start packing gear for the “Keep It Paleo!” seminar at CrossFit St. Paul this weekend.

Keep it real and “Keep It Paleo!”



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