We all met in Crossville, where biscuits and moonshine are famous,
To hang out on Lake Frances with Mr. Craig and a dog named Amos.

2.0 started with Sadie upping the ante,
By introducing herself with the surname Durante.

She set the bar high, and it only got better from there,
We had 17 countries represented, people from literally, everywhere.

There was Rx Smart Gear, SFH, Fringe Sport and Junk Brands,
And Paleo Nick’s team, making food with their hands.

There were thunderstorms aplenty, but not to worry, the gym’s indoors,
And every night there was a campfire, where there might have been some s’mores.

We had world class athletes, as well as those new to the game,
But as we gathered for each meal, we treated everyone the same.

Because at the end of the week, that’s really what camp is all about,
Bringing folks together to get better, not to brag about their clout.

We had Panchik, Piatt and Maddox, who’s fitness level is no joke,
Ortiz, McQuaide, Allen, McTaggart, known as the “fit old folks.”

Don’t even get me started on the coaches, with their skills and knowledge next to none,
Even Bergeron was there, with his wife, his daughter and his son.

In the kitchen, we had the Massie boys and a Mexican from Ecuador,
There was Miss Jennifer and Silent Nick, how could I ask for anything more?

Mister Craig upped the ante himself, by building a new pig pit out of brick,
And we had Johnny R., surrounded by so much greatness it made him sick.

In the competition, I wanted to make the last heat of event two a “thrilla”,
So I introduced a new comic book character, known as “Pit-Zilla”.


The week passed so quickly, with “The Jo” and “The Bro” in tow,
But, what I witnessed, was an amazing opportunity for everyone to grow.

Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics, were the key subjects at hand,
But, what I saw were friendships forged, all across the land.

It was a bit sad as we said goodbye on the last day, to each face,
But happy, because we are now a global network of friends, committed to making the world a better place.

As I’m home once again, and I think back on this week,
It’s hard not to find a tear rolling down my cheek.

In six more months, we’ll gather, in Tennessee, once again,
And I look forward to the new people I’ll meet and quickly call my friends.

So, between now and then, when your life gets tangled in the mesh,
I hope you’ll sign up for this week long, life-changing, humanity “sesh”.

That’s it, I’m signing out, it’s time for me to go.
I hope that, as each day passes, you “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(Crossville is the golf capital of Tennessee…)

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