“Ode to Real Food” – Paleo Poem


It’s the diet of the cavemen, who surely did eat it.

And, if you try it out, you’ll want to cheat it.

You see, everything that’s sold is laced with sugar and flour

But you can make different choices this very hour.

Thanks to the cardboard box, cooking skills have been blunted.

Caveman didn’t have this problem, they gathered and hunted.

Whole wheat, whole grain, it’s all the same

We’re not meant to eat it, but you’re not to blame.

You’ve been fed a bunch of bologna,

The only truth of these claims is that they’re phony.

I’m not stressin’ about some cheese from Parma,

My problem lies with Big Ag and Big Pharma.

They’re not scared to feed you chemicals and GMOs

In quantities that will surely fill out your clothes.

The discussion on cancer is for another time.

So please allow me to continue this rhyme.

The obesity train is on a roll.

The brakes are broken, it’s out of control.

The diabetes, the drugs, it’s all a scheme

Ponzi comes to mind when I think on this theme.

I’m sure you know this, but I want to forewarn.


Sure, they’ll eat it, if there’s nothing else around

But when they do, their future lies 6 feet underground.

Then start the hormones and countless injections

To keep them alive till slaughter and fight the infections.

It’s funny how this all works together.

It’s like big industry’s got us tied to their tether.

You might believe the theory of calories in and calories out,

But this idea’s so false… It makes me want to shout!!!

To debunk the myths we’ve been fed about nutrition

And show you the truth about food is my mission.

I’m begging you to leave behind this tainted fodder;

Take your health in your hands, and drink some fresh water.

So, come with me and the goods you will witness.

Let Paleo Nick be Your Guide to Culinary Fitness!



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