When You Just Need A PaleoKit…

Here’s a pic of “The Jo” just after someone gave him a bag of M&Ms. He thought he was getting a PaleoKit…

It’s 2:21 AM. I am sitting in a plush, high-backed chair in the main corridor of The Holiday Inn in Fargo, ND. It’s been a long six weeks and I really wish I had a PaleoKitย right now…

It all started on August 18th with the Pig Roast at CrossFit 204 in Winnipeg.

From there, I had one week to put together the first Keep It Paleo Seminar, which took place on August 25th at CrossFit St. Paul.

Then came Labor Day Weekend and a weekend off, if you could call it that, in order to prepare a food vendor booth for the Cloudy Town Throwdown on September 15th and the Keep It Paleo Seminar at CrossFit Fast Factory on September 16th.

The following weekend, I flew to New Jersey to cook a pig for Steve’s Club.

Then, I had a four day weekend where I brought the Culinary Road Show to CrossFit Progression in Rochester, Minnesota.

Upon returning from Rochester, one week ago, I had two days to prepare for a video shoot, which took place this past Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Immediately following that, I had a day and a half to load my entire life into a 27 foot trailer.

Tear down my “Ring Rig”

And host “The Jo’s” second birthday party.

Whoa, wait a minute. Did I just say, “load my entire life into a 27 foot trailer?”

Yes, I did.

You see, as of right now (3:11AM), it is fair to say that my beautiful wife, The Jo, The Bro, and I are transients.

I’ve been hinting at it, mentioning that there are some big changes in the works for Paleo Nick, but I haven’t given any details. I thought that the decision to make a move was straightforward, but in the past month, that has all changed. I still do not have details of where we’ll end up, but suffice it to say that we have amazing opportunities on both coasts and our entire life in a 27 foot trailer…

Now that’s what I call LIVING!

You see, although Moorhead, MN has been a great place to launch this venture from, it is not the ideal location for taking this project to the next level. Therefore, by the end of this month, Paleo Nick will be headquartered elsewhere.

It has been a long six weeks. But, I can honestly say that I feel that I have found my passion and that I am as excited as ever about the future of Paleo Nick.

Over the past week, I have often thought of the opening scene from Gladiator. In it, Marcus Aurelius congratulates Maximus just after leading his troops to victory over the German Barbarians. It goes like this:

Marcus: You have proved your valour yet again, Maximus. Let us hope for the last time.

Maximus: There is no one left to fight, Sire.

Marcus: There is always someone left to fight, Maximus. Tell me, how can I reward Rome’s greatest General?

Maximus: Let me go home?

Marcus: Ahh. Home.

Home. That’s what it’s all about. This dude is Master Roman General, he’s conquered all, he can have anything, and what does he want? He wants to go home.

This is a website about cooking nutritious food, right? I know, I know, but hear me out.

The irony of me thinking on this scene from Gladiator is that I now have no home to go to. For the next few weeks, we’ll call the Paleo-Mobile home. And, within one week, we’ll decide which direction to point her, East or West…

Now, I didn’t just defeat the Barbarians. But, I did just wash my hands 600 times in three days… Do you think Maximus ever did that? I am relating to Maximus regarding his longing for home. And, although I do not have a home to go to. I have my family. Maximus did not fair so well…

These past six weeks have taught me that having a family is like having a garden. It does not work to leave for a month and then come back and spend “quality time” to make up for your absence. When your kids are only four and two, they change a lot in six weeks. It is my goal to structure my life in such a way that I can be a part of those changes…

Enough of the gushy, home, family talk already.

It is also my goal to teach the Culinary Fitness concept to as many people as possible; to show my modern twist on caveman cuisine and how approachable it can be.

The plan is to hold two seminars, back-to-back, on one weekend per month. I’ll start with a central location, and then set up a mobile unit, similar to what I have been doing, and take the show on the road. Who knows, maybe we’ll even end up at The CrossFit Games next year to throw down “The Prawn”, “The Swine” and “The Yard Bird?”

I’m working on the marketing video now, which will show in a succinct manner what goes on in one of my seminars. If you are curious, then stay tuned because the Keep It Paleo Seminar may be,

“Coming Soon to a Gym Near You…”

Okay, so seminars, marketing video, gushy family stuff, what about videos for those who subscribe to this site? What’s up with that, Paleo Nick?

Okay, right, right, right, I hear you. Now that you know a little more about me, what has gone on and what is going on, you may understand why there haven’t been many videos posted recently. I have some in the works and we just shot what I truly believe to be some cutting edge “stuff.” You know, maybe some food that no one has ever seen before… I’ll be leakking this “stuff” in picture format on Facebook, so be sure to like my page.

I have my computer on the road with me and will finish these edits and post them as soon as possible. My goal is to post two videos per week and I will make up any missed videos in the near future. I am building a team that will support me in my 1000 video effort. This team will help ensure that Paleo Nick doesn’t fall behind the ball again, even when he has more than five blocks(too much) on his plate :).

If I thought I needed a PaleoKit before I started writing this, I really need one now.

What are the chances they have one of these Paleo vending machines?

If you don’t know what a PaleoKitย is, check them out here. I have been gobbling these things since the first time I laid my taste buds on them at Front Range CrossFit in late 2008. Their meaty, nutty, fruity flavor profile is next to none…

I’m issuing a challenge.

In order that kids like “The Jo” do not cry again on Halloween, I challenge you hand out PaleoKits instead of M&Ms…

Even on Halloween, Paleo Nick challenges you to,

“Keep It Paleo.”

Hoping you do just that.

Your Friend,

Paleo Nick


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