I have been a certified CrossFit trainer since May 11, 2009.

Since becoming certified, I have attended several seminars and earned specialty certifications, I’ve opened two CrossFit gyms, where I trained several group classes daily, and, most importantly, I’ve worked out consistently using CrossFit’s prescription of continuously varied, functional movements performed at high intensity, six out of every eight days.
I hold CrossFit Specialty Certifications in: Basic Barbell, Gymnastics, Kids, Olympic Weightlifting, Kettle Bell, Rowing, and Mobility. I also hold USA Weightlifting’s Club Coach Certification.
I’ve worked with the obese, the elderly, children, and aspiring and elite athletes alike. I’ve participated in several competitions, throwdowns, CrossFit Opens, and the 2011 CrossFit Southwest Regionals, where I placed 35th. I claim not to be an elite athlete by any means and I do not hold a degree in exercise physiology. I am simply a man who is interested in seeing …the beauty and strength of which my body is capable, regardless of my age.
I have experienced and witnessed the life changing benefits of CrossFit and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with you!


Much of my philosophy is influenced by Greg Glassman’s article What is Fitness?, which was published in the CrossFit Journalin October of 2002.
However, I have also been influenced by the obese men who I see at the locker room of the YMCA each week. They are dedicated to fitness. They show up each day, follow the same routine, and, for many of them, see no results. In fact, I would argue that they are actually becoming less fit. Sure, going through the motions has some value, if nothing else, it makes you feel good. But, if your energy is misdirected, then the effort can be in vain. It’s like driving your lawnmower around your yard, but never lowering the deck or engaging the blades? You are getting some fresh air and relaxing your mind, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a freshly mown lawn when you are done?
So, we’ve got the article and these fat guys. Combine that with the notion that fitness is based on nutrition and you’ll begin to understand my philosopy. This isn’t an original thought, it shows up in the CrossFit pyramid just as sure as we see it around the wastes of the adiposity addicts.
My goal is not to discount anyone’s efforts, it is simply to share some of my experience with the aim of helping people approach fitness with more efficacy.
One more thing I’ll mention is that if I were to never again hear someone talk about how many, “…calories they’ve burned”, I’d die a happy man. If you believe that losing weight is simply a matter of burning more calories than you have consumed, then please stick around my site for awhile as I hope to convince you otherwise…

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