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Hey Paleo People, Bobby here.

A reader named James sent his blog about Paleo Coffee in and it got me thinking about my coffee routine, I spent a few days experimenting with butter coffee and I fell in love. It’s unlike any Starbucks concoction, blender, butter, oil, coffee, simple. I like to make myself a cup of this if all I’ve got is an apple on hand and need to get some healthy fats to burn until lunch. Going full steam with butter and coconut oil tastes great but eating a full breakfast, then getting good square lunches and dinners will leave no gaps for this to fill, so like any good eater should, watch yourself.

In Nick’s post on Bullet Proof Coffee, he linked out to this article which has some science and history on butter coffee and as a fan of Good Eats I love me some culinary anthropology. Bullet Proof had my back at The Games with their delicious brew and taking orders at the front was no small expenditure of energy. It was a hard sell around The Paleo Test Kitchen to get my peers to taste test my batch, “Butter and coffee?” they would ask. But I held firm, and armed with a fresh thermos in the morning and the spirit of the Fat Macro Gods I persevered and they tried it. The reviews? A resounding, “Oh, that’s actually pretty good.” I’ll take it.

Loading your morning cup with butter may sound like snake oil because of the decades of slander against fats but realizing the fat intake does not equal body fat is a constant battle. I’m not a scientist or even a hobbyist in chemistry, so I can’t speak on behalf of the brain boosting claims for certain lengths of amino chains. I have noticed the energy I have after a cup of butter coffee versus regular coffee is different; I’ll OD on normal coffee until I’m a sweaty mess in order to get the boost I want, but with butter coffee, it’s one and done and I feel great!

Is drinking butter every day healthy? I would say it’s not as simple as that, I’ve been drinking it consistently in the morning to fill some nutritional gaps and I’ve been dropping pounds nice and steady. So give this brew a try so you know what’s up, keep it in your Paleo back-pocket, and then you can plan to include it in when needed or give yourself a decent hit of energy in lieu of soda or your Venti-Chip-Mocha-Waffle-Frappe.

Thanks to James of Paleo Coffee 101 for writing in!

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