“How To” – Opening A Bottle Of Wine Like A Ninja


I know wine is not Paleo.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s clarify that I am not much of a drinker and I am not encouraging you to drink. However, on occasion, a glass of wine is in order and Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions.

I’m not a sommelier and I didn’t grow up with Robert Mondavi, but I have opened a slew of wine bottles in my day. Watch the above video for how I do it and, if you end up with a screw cap, then open it just like you’d open a 20oz. bottle of Coke.

I hope you have an enjoyable time with the one you love this Saturday. Be sure to throw down a formidable Paleo meal for two. I have a few that I recommend:

  1. Paleo Filet Oscar
  2. Prosciutto and Apple Crusted Salmon
  3. Sea Scallops with Bacon and Parsnip Puree
  4. Kickin’ Like Van Damme Bacon Wrapped Chicken Fingers
  5. Pork Chop, Carmelized Apples and Onions, Balsamic Braised Cabbage

Get out there and get your Culinary Ninja on. Instead of going out for dinner, why don’t you stay in and cook at home? After all, that’s where the heart is. Think about it…

“Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

Back in the day, heading into work at The Spotted Pig circa 2007.

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