Massie Monday – Wild Ride


Since mid-September, my life has been a wild ride. While most of it has been work, some has been pleasure and there’s been a little sorrow as well.

It all started back in 2005, when my brother-in-law invested time in helping me with my first real entrepreneurial venture, Wings-N-Wings. I paid Dale for his work, but far less than I would have liked to and certainly not enough to justify the amount of work he put in. We’d fry chicken wings and onion rings all day, then, head to The Bake Shop at night to wash all of the dishes. We’d get a few hours of sleep packed into an overcrowded hotel room and then repeat. We were working in the middle of the forest in Girdwood, Alaska and when I say working, I mean working! My parents and sister were also in on the fun, but I use Dale in this story because he recently traveled with me to Thailand for a “Thank You Trip” to him and 9 other guys who’ve invested in my passion.

I could tell story after story of sleepless nights, cooking until you’re cuckoo, and downright daunting demeanor. Most of them have revolved around the CrossFit Games for the past three years, but it goes as far back as the Forest Fair in 2005 and as recent as the Shark Tank Rush that we experienced at Ice Age Meals throughout October and November. I had planned the Thailand trip and the Nicaraguan family vacation before we knew anything about Shark Tank. Throw my Grandma’s funeral into the mix and the last three months of my life have been a wild ride.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, you know that when I get busy, the posts on this site become few and far between. We have the systems in place to keep the video and meal plan posts going, but I like to keep my hands in the mix with Massie Monday and Fitness Friday. When my hands get busy, the Monday and Friday posts fall to the wayside. So, here I am. Making time for Massie Monday and stocking the bank with fun and informative posts for the weeks to come.

I want to pay tribute to four events over the past three months:

1. Shark Tank – This was an amazing opportunity. It was a ton of work that took place throughout the CrossFit Games season last spring/summer. While the Games alone are a ton of work, throw on top of that 200 pages of paperwork, casting videos, polishing up my financials, over 300 emails, and a trip to LA and you’re talking next-level nutiness! I’ve got an interview with more details coming out on a separate blog in the next couple of weeks that I’ll repost.

2. Thailand – The trip was an amazing experience and came at just the right time. Thank you to my team for allowing me the opportunity to follow through with Thailand as it was right at the tail end of catching up on all of the Shark Tank orders. It was a bit unnerving to hop on a plane in that situation, but it was also refreshing and allowed me to get outside of my bubble and realize that life isn’t all about business. Thank you to the crew who joined me, the scooter squad was next to none and helped me come down from the single most stressful situation of my life. I hope we can do it again soon… (the trip, not the stress)

3. Grandma’s Funeral – My Grandma was a pillar in my upbringing. On the last day of Thailand, I received word that she had passed away. Having missed my other two grandparents’ funerals, I was committed to being at this one. My mom asked me to eulogize and I agreed. From there, it was four tearful mornings (typically from 2:00AM-6:00AM as I was still jet lagged from Thailand) of writing that I whittled down to 5 1/2 pages. As I stood before an audience of family and friends, I could barely eek out a word. My mom came up on stage and embraced me as I sobbed my way through it. In the end, I realized how much my Grandma’s simple life had affected me. How could something so simple be so impactful? Not sure, but it was. The more I live, the more I realize that the simplest things are best.

4. Nicaragua – I have mixed feelings about being here. On one hand, I’ve been gone from work for nearly a month. On the other, I have an amazing opportunity to spend time with my family in a beautiful place. While I have mixed feelings about technology as well, I am grateful that I can work from literally anywhere on the planet. Life is simple in Nicaragua. It attracts me like no other place I’ve been. They still pull water from wells and move large loads with oxen and carts. A daily trip to the market for produce and the harbor for seafood is just the kind of experience I want to share with my boys. While things aren’t “the way they were” back home, many of them are similar here. The old school is the school that’s in session.

I’ve got 126 words to close this out.

I like things that are wild and crazy. While I went through some dark times over the past three months, I made it out alive and I’m optimistic about the future.

Has Paleo Nick peaked?

Was Shark Tank the summit?

Only time will tell, but I’m not much on telling. I’m more about showing.

If you read all of this, THANK YOU! Thanks for taking an interest in my life.

I feel like I am living the dream.

I couldn’t be happier.

Where am I? I’m right here.

What time is it? It’s right now.

But it’s also breakfast time, so I’ve got to go…

“Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(The Jo! and The Bro! with their new friend Jose Gabriel. Jose’s “house” has dirt floors and he sleeps outside…)

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