Every blog post is supposed to have a focused purpose.

In my work of building a Paleo Empire, I interact with several humans on a daily basis. When I meet someone new, I can immediately tell which kind of person they are. Of the options below, I can distinguish which side of the fence they would fall on.

The focused purpose of this blog is to challenge you to be a humble, hard-working, optimistic, warrior who people want to hang out with.

Simple enough, right?

Let’s take a look…

Positive and Negative (Optimist vs. Pessimist)

Glass Half Full – These people glow. No matter the situation, they are going to make the most of it. They do “what they can with what they have where they are” and they don’t complain about what they cannot control. I am attracted to these people. They smile more, they are “go-getters” and they bring up the mood of everyone around them.

Glass Half Empty – We all know the type. No matter the situation, the sky is falling. They focus on the negative and it is apparent. These type of people are toxic and I cannot stand them. I’ll often confront them to point out their negativity as it is the only way I can deal with the poison.

Worriers and Warriors

“I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”– Mark Twain

Worriers make a job out of worrying. They’ve got problems on the horizon three levels deep, most of which will never come to pass. They need to know everything about everything so that they can worry about what might go wrong. They waste an insane amount of energy thinking negatively and they live shorter lives because of it.

Warriors embrace life. They go after everything with all they’ve got, they do their best and they trust that the outcome will be positive. They don’t waste time with negative thoughts as they have confidence in the future. Warriors are attractive.

Be a warrior, not a worrier.

Proud and Humble

“There is all the difference in the world between someone who lifts himself up and someone who is lifted up.”– Allistair Begg

The proud are cool people. How do you know? You just have to ask them. Other words for these people would be self-important, haughty, too cool, or some one with “I-itis”. “I-itis” is a disease where every sentence someone speaks starts with “I”. They like to hear themselves talk and they like to talk about themselves. They are better than you and they’re not afraid to let you know.

The humble are down to earth. I once heard, “Those who know God are humble and those who know themselves cannot be proud.” As you can see from Einstein above, the more you know, the more humble you will become. While it is good to be confident, having a humble confidence is the goal.

Be proud of someone, be proud of an accomplishment, but don’t be proud.

Those You Want To Hang Out With and Those You Don’t

Be someone you’d want to hang out with. Be someone who people are attracted to. A good place to start is to be a humble, positive and warrior. You know what I’m saying?

In human interaction, you can almost immediately decide if the other person is someone you’d want to hang out with. You’ve all done it. You’ve left a party or just met someone and said, “I could see myself being friends with that person” or “I could hang out with them.”

Be that kind of person.

Those Who Work Hard and Those Who Don’t

“There is no substitute for hard work.” – Thomas Edison

Hard working people are easy to spot. They work harder than those around them, they are attractive, and they’re your guy/gal when you need to get the job done! I believe that work ethic is instilled at an early age and is difficult to teach later in life. For this reason, I search out people who “have it”. Again, it doesn’t take a week to figure out if someone is a hard worker. You notice almost immediately if they are going to make the cut. All other characteristics can be overlooked if someone is hard worker.

In Jacques Pepin’s book The Apprentice he talks about working at a fried chicken restaurant. He got a job in the South and was the only white kid in the kitchen. All of the existing cooks looked him up and down and laughed, but once the rush hit, he showed them what he was made of and became part of the team instantly. On the contrary, it could be your best friend coming into a job on “the line” and, if he doesn’t have what it takes, it doesn’t matter if he pays you, if you live under his roof, if you’re related by blood, he’s got to go!

The best advice I could give you is to work hard.

So. There you have it. Simple stuff, right?

When I think about what I’ve written above, I wonder if people can really change. I am a firm believer that they can. We’ve all heard the people are who they are and people never really change, but that’s a negative outlook. I see the good in everyone and know that, even if I am not attracted to someone at first, there is always hope. Even recently, I was super turned off by an interaction. It was someone I had to meet over and over to get a job done and I dreaded each encounter. By the end, I really liked the guy. It goes to prove that some people are nice once you get to know them and others are nice until you get to know them.

Be someone you’d want to hang around. Work hard, be humble, be positive and whenever in doubt, warrior it out.

O yeah, and, “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(On a salad tear…)

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