Massie Monday – Live From New York


I love New York City!

Sure, it’s dirty, there are people everywhere and the streets stink. But, if you can look beyond that, it’s got a lot to offer to human beings.

I haven’t been here since 2008, but in many ways, it’s like nothing’s changed. The subway still runs non-stop and the city literally never sleeps. We are staying in Times Square, so we’re surrounded by herds of homo sapiens, but I like the central location and want this trip to be memorable for my boys.

We started the trip by teaching a new group of Culinary Ninjas the ins and outs of practical nutrition. We had a great time at CrossFit Morristown. We had a great time and kept cool all while “Keeping It Paleo!” and keeping indoors.

Speaking of indoors, we’ve been seeking out A/C whenever possible. We found a 4D move of Ice Age’s Scrat, which was super good and included bubbles, water spraying, vibrating seats and solid 3D effects. Here’s a pic from the experience. I’m not a big fan of 3D because the glasses mess with my eyes, but this was an overall excellent experience.

We found some penguins a the Central Park Zoo. I told the boys that the guy on the left is the owner of the “Emperor State Building”. He’s not even an Emperor Penguin, but the boys don’t know that and I wanted my joke to be funny :). The penguin display was cool, literally. One of the only buildings at the zoo with air conditioning.

The grizzlies were outside and wearing a fur coat, but they had a pool of water to keep cool and plenty of shade to move into. Their claws were memorable and not something I’d want to reckon with.

We’ve made two trips to Chinatown/Little Italy so far. They are both tourist traps for the most part, but Chinatown has some legit seafood markets. Today, we saw snapping turtle legs, tails and shell quarters. We also saw alligator, frogs and a wide variety of interesting fish. While we have no way of cooking any of this food. I enjoy perusing the offerings and am amazed at the culinary skill of the average Chinese/Korean/Thai-American.

The subway is an interest of mine. From the musicians to the homeless to the organization and efficiency, I am blown away at how they set the underground tunnels up. Sure, they could be cleaner, but their is a lot to say for systems, organization and efficiency. We rarely wait more than 5 minutes to board a train.

I have tons of pics to share, but I am tired and ready for bed. I will pepper them into the posts over the coming weeks. The biggest takeaway from this trip is that we all have a lot to learn. I feel lucky to live the life that I do. While I wouldn’t want to live in NYC, I would do well to visit more often. There is so much to take in, so many people to learn from, so many streets to walk and so many foods to eat.

I don’t fully understand where New Yorkers shop for groceries and it seems the norm to eat out often. With so many options, that’s not tough to do, but I miss cooking for myself and my family and they miss it too. The weather here is wicked hot, which makes me think of the movie Newsies. It’s one of my favorite childhood movies and took place in the early 1900s. The guys wore wool clothes, hats, and long pants and didn’t have the option for air conditioning. We’ve got it easy guys!

Anyhow. I’m going to hit the hay. I’ve got a couple days left in The City, so, if you wan’t to follow along, be sure to check out my Instagram page.

Have a good night and do your best to “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(My crew at 49th…)

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