Midnight Express – The Story of a Pocono Pig Swap


I headed East last weekend to cook a pig, but what I experienced was so much more…

From meeting the farmer and the kids of Steve’s Club, to Dr. Drizzle, Papa Costa’s Wine, and the Midnight Express, memories were forged that will last a lifetime.

Although the weekend was planned around the food I’d make, the new friends I made were the highlight for me.

I got a tour of Camden, casted my vote for best Philly Cheese Steak, strolled through Philadelphia’s Legendary Italian Market, and much, much more.

Watch this video for a quick taste of what transpired and be reminded that you never know what is going to happen when you’re on Steve Liberati’s Watch, especially when heading to the Poconos…

Taking the New Kitchen for a Test Drive…

The Event

“Boom Sauce” Shares His Story

The Crew

Pour House One

Pour House Two

My Adopted Mom

Papa Costa

The Press

Tacos Al Pastor

House of Pork


Cider Champs

It was an amazing adventure that I won’t soon forget.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

“There are big ships and small ships and ships that sail the seas, but the best ships are friendships, I hope you all agree!”

Reminding you to “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Friend,

Paleo Nick


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