This week’s tester is me, Katie Spieker from Henderson, NV. I am a stay-at-home-Mother of three children and also the meal plan coordinator for Paleo Nick.

I decided to take on this meal plan after a tester was unable to complete the four meals they chose. I did change one of the meals on his list, but I loved the other three choices, so I went with them. I really needed to restock my Paleo bank account, so this opportunity came at the perfect time. While I don’t eat strict Paleo, I do try my best to have good options on hand whenever possible. Having three young children at home and a husband who works forty-eight straight hours at a time, it’s great to have pre-portioned meals in my refrigerator. When I don’t, I have a tendency to make poor choices or not eat for extended periods of time and then eat more than needed for one meal. Between meal prepping and keeping a stash of Ice Age Meals in the freezer, I find it easier to eat food good for me and that equals a happy Momma.


Approximate Meal Plan Cost As Prescribed:

Chain grocery store (Kroger): $110.00
Warehouse store (Costco or Sam’s): $95.00

Your final tally will depend on your geographic location and how much you rely on bulk purchases. As an example, you can get one quart of extra light olive oil at Kroger for $19.99 or you can get four quarts at Costco for $16.50. You follow? Meat and produce will also be less at the warehouse stores, but might mean you’re buying more than you’ll need for this plan.

Customize Your Plan and Shop It Up!

I have created a customizable grocery list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Even if you’re no good with Excel, I’ve set it up in a foolproof way that even “The Jo!” could handle. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open the document and click on the tab at the bottom that says “Menu item & Ingredient Brkdown.”
  2. At the top, you’ll see the number “1” in bold just below each menu item. You can change this number to correspond with the number of portions that you’d like to make. Say you want to half batch of the Thai Turkey Throwdown, just change the “1”  to a “.5” and it will decrease the ingredients for this recipe. Make sense?
  3. Click back to the tab that says “Meal Plan 17.37 Grocery List” and your quantities will be updated.
  4. Print out the grocery list from the first tab only.
  5. Compare what you need to what you have on hand and finalize your list.

Then, head to the grocery store and make your purchases swiftly and efficiently.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

I want you to knock this out in one shopping session and two cooking sessions. I’ll explain these now, but make sure to scroll down to the notes on each meal below. They are listed beneath each picture.

In cooking session one:

  1. Prepare Southwest Chicken. Place the ingredients into the slow cooker. Set the slow cooker on a foil lines sheet pan and place it on the counter or in the garage to cook for the next ten hours or overnight.
  2. Prepare the Post WOD Shrimp, Sausage and Sweet Potatoes. Enjoy this meal for dinner. Portion out any remaining salad and refrigerate for 3-5 days.
  3. Clean up the kitchen and pat yourself on the back for a day well done.

In cooking session two:

  1. Portion out the Southwest Chicken. Store the portions in the refrigerator for up to seven days or freeze for up to six months. Clean out the slow cooker.
  2. Prepare the Thai Turkey Throwdown. Portion this meal out into single or double servings and refrigerate for up to one week, or freeze for up to six months. This meal freezes really well.
  3. Prepare the Mexican Style Avo-Mango Shimp Coctel. Enjoy a portion of this as an appetizer or meal. Portion out and properly store any leftovers. You will want to eat this within 2-3 days of preparation.
  4. Sit back and take it all in. Your Paleo Bank Account is stocked and now you are a Culinary Ninja who is ready to tackle life with energy, clarity, and confidence. Be sure to tell your friends about!

Southwest Slow Cooker Chicken

Notes: “I love how easy this meal is to prepare and throw into the slow cooker. The flavors are rich and hearty. It’s a great recipe to make in the fall and winter and fills the craving for comfort food.”

“I went with the option of using chicken breasts instead of the whole chicken called for in this recipe. I have this weird thing with eating chicken off the bone (I know I’m not the only one our there). The meat does fall off the bones of the whole chicken, because I have made it this way in the past, but I didn’t enjoy picking all the bones out of the meal. If you do choose to try this recipe with breasts instead, you will want to lower the cooking time from 10-12 hours to 6-8 hours. I also used chipotle chili powder instead of regular chili powder and it gave the dish a really great smokey taste.”

“I spent fifteen minutes prepping this meal, seven hours slow cooking it, and yielded eight portions.”

Post WOD Shrimp, Sausage and Sweet Potatoes

Notes: “This recipe is another quick and easy dish to prep and throw together. I had roasted sweets in my refrigerator as always (I have a thirteen month old who LOVES sweet potatoes), so that saved me some time. Dale and I ate this for dinner one night and Lilly also tried some and we all really enjoyed the flavors.”

“I went with spicy Italian sausage and skipped the Salsa Chipotle and feta cheese. I did add a little freshly grated parmesan cheese on top instead because I had a block of it in my refrigerator.”

This meal took me fifteen minutes to prep, twenty minutes to cook, and yielded three large portions.

Thai Turkey Throwdown

Notes: “I absolutely LOVE this recipe! It has been a favorite of mine for years and I try to make a batch of it every couple of months. It yields 18-20 portions and is a great meal to freeze and reheat.”

“The only change I ever make to this recipe is the way I prep the carrots and the amount of fish sauce and Sambal (garlic chili paste found in the Asian section of the grocery store) I add. I lost the shredding blade to my food processor the last time we moved and hand shredding all the carrots in this recipe can be daunting. Sometimes I just use the ABC technique instead. For the fish sauce, I always choose to use a little less than called for just because it’s not my favorite. Because this meal is made in two large saute pans, I always do one batch more on the mild side and one a little spicier for Dale. When I portion these out, I just add “HOT” to the spicier batch.”

I spent an hour prepping this recipe, twenty-five minutes cooking it, and yielded twenty portions.

Mexican Style Avo-Mango Shrimp Coctel

Notes: “The next time you go to a social gathering or have guests over for a meal, MAKE THIS RECIPE! It is SO GOOD! The freshness of the cilantro, fresh mango and shrimp is out of this world. It comes together really quickly and the flavors meld together perfectly.”

You have the option of serving this with fresh made Super Radical Plantain Chips or just buying some. We almost always have plantain chips on hand at our house, so I went that route this time. I bet this would be a great topper to the Crispy Fried Tostones recipe found on this site also. The only change I made to this recipe was using larger precooked shrimp and just chopping them. They were on sale at the store and wild-caught, so it only made sense.

I whipped this recipe together in twelve minutes and snacked on it for three days.

Scroll down to see the photos I captured while preparing my chosen meals:

Southwest Chicken
Post WOD Shrimp, Sausage and Sweets
Thai Turkey Throwdown
Mexican Style Avo-Mango Shrimp Coctel
Me, Nick and Jason serving it up hot and fresh at the 2017 CrossFit Games, Me, Tate and Lilly on the 4th of July, My family on Big Bear Lake in CA, and another Games pic from 2017

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