This week’s tester is: Taylor Davis from Salt Lake City, Utah.Taylor works at US Cryotherapy and is currently building a massage business. She has been doing CrossFit since 2009 and coaching since 2013. Here are a few things Taylor shared about her meal plan journey and being a clean eater:

“I loved cooking this meal plan. Everything was pretty easy to follow and I like that I save money and eat better when I have all my meals already prepared.”

“I met Nick at the CrossFit Games in 2015, and saw him again at the South Regional this year.  I love being able to pull clean, balanced meals out of the freezer whenever I need them.  My favorite Paleo Nick recipes are the Pastel de Papa and the Butternut Squash Lasagna.”


Approximate Meal Plan Cost As Prescribed:

Chain grocery store (Kroger): $160.00
Warehouse store (Costco or Sam’s): $128.00

Your final tally will depend on your geographic location and how much you rely on bulk purchases. As an example, you can get one quart of extra light olive oil at Kroger for $19.99 or you can get four quarts at Costco for $16.50. You follow? Meat and produce will also be less at the warehouse stores, but might mean you’re buying more than you’ll need for this plan.

Customize Your Plan and Shop It Up!

I have created a customizable grocery list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Even if you’re no good with Excel, I’ve set it up in a foolproof way that even “The Jo!” could handle. Just follow these instructions:

  1. Open the document and click on the tab at the bottom that says “Menu item & Ingredient Brkdown.”
  2. At the top, you’ll see the number “1” in bold just below each menu item. You can change this number to correspond with the number of portions that you’d like to make. Say you want to make a double batch of the Chipotle Bison Stuffed Yams just change the “1”  to a “2” and it will increase the ingredients for this recipe. Make sense?
  3. Click back to the tab that says “Meal Plan 17.22 Grocery List” and your quantities will be updated.
  4. Print out the grocery list from the first tab only.
  5. Compare what you need to what you have on hand and finalize your list.

Then, head to the grocery store and make your purchases swiftly and efficiently.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

I want you to knock this out in one shopping session and two cooking sessions. I’ll explain these now, but make sure to scroll down to the notes on each meal below. They are listed beneath each picture.

In cooking session one:

  1. Prepare the Spaghetti Bolognese, place it into the slow cooker, set the slow cooker on a foil-lined sheet pan, and leave it on your counter or in your garage to cook for 10-12 hours overnight.
  2. Prepare the Chipotle Bison Stuffed Yams. Enjoy this as a meal or dinner tonight. Properly store any remaining portions in your refrigerator for up to seven days.
  3. Clean up the kitchen and pat yourself on the back for a day well done.

In cooking session two:

  1. Portion out the Spaghetti Bolognese and refrigerate for up to seven days or freeze for up to six months.
  2. Prepare the Sesame Orange Peel Chicken. Enjoy this meal for lunch. Portion out and properly store any leftovers in the refrigerator for up to five days.
  3. Prepare the Friendship Curry. Eat a portion for dinner. Store leftovers in the refrigerator and garnish it with Massie Mayo and avocado when preparing to eat. Eat this meal within 3-5 days.
  4. Sit back and take it all in. Your Paleo Bank Account is stocked and now you are a Culinary Ninja who is ready to tackle life with energy, clarity, and confidence. Be sure to tell your friends about!

Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese

Notes: “I liked the mushrooms and spaghetti squash. The flavor was pretty good. Also it was an easy recipe to follow and prepare,” Taylor said.

“I think I would have liked it better if the turkey and maybe even the mushrooms were cooked and seasoned before they went in the slow cooker.  It ended up pretty watery both times I made it,” Taylor noted.

I have made this recipe a handful of times in my own kitchen and have learned it is best to only partially cook the spaghetti squash prior to adding it into the slow cooker. By doing this the squash doesn’t get too mushy. Massie Mayois a great garnish to add to this dish also to bring up the fat count, so through a batch together if you don’t already have some in your refrigerator. The recipe is included with this week’s recipes.

Taylor spent twenty minutes prepping this meal, ten hours slow cooking it, and yielded eight portions.

Chipotle Bison Stuffed Yams

Notes: “This was one of my favorites out of this meal plan.  I loved the flavor, the texture, and the chipotle.  I added a few extra chipotles for more spice. I wish I had made more. ” Taylor shared.

While this dish calls for ground bison, you always have the option of using any type of ground meat you’d like when preparing it. This is another a great recipe to garnish with Massie Mayo. You would be surprised how easy it is to whip some up in your food processor, so go ahead a make a batch.

Taylor spent fifteen minutes prepping this meal, forty minutes cooking it including the yams and the meat mixture, and made two portions.

Sesame Orange Peel Chicken

Notes: “This was a recipe I repeated from my last testing experience, because I liked it so much the first time.  I really like the flavor of the orange and sesame. I would like to add more vegetables to it,” Taylor said.

This recipe calls for the use of orange peels. Some previous tester’s have not liked the chewy texture of the peels, so I always suggest the use of orange zest instead of the peels if texture is an issue for you.

Taylor spent thirty minutes prepping this meal and thirty minutes cooking it.

Friendship Curry

Notes: “I loved this one and plan on making it again!  It’s kind of a mixing pot of different textures and I liked that it was pork and chicken.  I used brussels sprouts instead of broccoli because I am allergic,” Taylor exclaimed.

“Next time I make this will cut the pork a little smaller.  I ended up with smaller shrimp because of a mix up in a shared fridge so I would definitely also use bigger shrimp next time I prepare this recipe,” Taylor noted.

Taylor spent fifteen minutes prepping this meal, twenty minutes cooking it, and yielded six portions.

To see how Taylor’s meal plan journey went, keep on scrolling…

Meal Plan 17.22 groceries
Slow Cooker Spaghetti Bolognese
Sesame Orange Peel Chicken
Chipotle Bison Stuffed Yams
Friendship Curry

Way to go Taylor! You did a great job in the preparation of your meals and your photos are proof of that. Thank you so much for participating once again and good luck with the new massage business! Next time I am in Salt Lake City, I will have to look you up.

Taylor and her Dad Rob working at Regionals this year

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