We’re highlighting our three favorite meal plans of 2016 in the hopes that folks will be intrigued enough to try something new for the New Year. These three amazing testers stood out to me with not only their meal prep and pictures, but their dedication. Nutrition comes first for these guys, and I admire the dedication they have to feeding not only themselves, but also their families. Keep up the great work – it’s inspirational stuff!

Meal Plan 16.15 was tested by my two favorite Canadians, Rob and Shannon Cadieux from Ottawa, Ontario. Rob and Shannon have tested a handful of plans for us over the past two years and they always do an AMAZING job at not only choosing new recipes, but also preparing the recipes and providing top-notch feedback. Thank you Rob and Shannon for all your hard work!

Meal Plan 16.18 was tested by Nicolette and Gordon Rice, currently stationed in Fort Hood, TX. Nicolette is a chair for the “Kids in the Kitchen” program for the Junior League of Bell County. She educates children on healthy lifestyle habits through on-site demonstrations and nutritional education; it’s the kind of thing that the CrossFit community and Paleo Nick have greatly influenced. Props to you Nicolette for being a great example to kids and showing them cooking skills that they may not be able to learn at home!

Meal Plan 16.42 is brought to you by India Wood from San Diego, CA. India did two meal plans for us this year and I was very impressed with her culinary ninja skills with both plans. Thank you India for your AWESOME work!

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