Kale Caesar with Shrimp and Scallop Brochettes




I love this meal! I have always been a fan of the Shrimp Caesar Salad. If a restaurant offers a Shrimp Caesar and I know that the shrimp are wild and the dressing’s house made, I’ll always order it. However, this is a rare occurence. You can find house made dressing, but it is usually paired with farm raised shrimp. That’s like pairing grass-fed drawn butter with Surimi (fake crab). I’ll get off my high horse and let you watch the video, just know that I am a fan of real food, I’m a fan of house made Caesar, and, above all, I am a fan of wild shrimp. Search them out whenever possible.

Constance Curtis joins me once again in this video and she does a great job. Cooking is easy and it should be fun, so surround yourself with people you enjoy and make foods that you crave and life will be good. Remember, life is better when we cook for ourselves…

With this, I pack my bags and head to Del Mar, California for the CrossFit Games SoCal Regional Competition. I’ll be competing with my boys JVD and Kyler Rober William Allison, and my homegirls, Micalizzi, CoCo and Captain Hollie. We’ve got Maverick and Scar Gnar in the wings in case of injury or sickness in the next 24 hours, but we hope that doesn’t happen. Our team is CrossFit South Bay, so be sure to watch us in the standings (we’ll be near the top) and cheer us on.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Coach Vin-Diesel that he shared at our last team practice:

“Hard work will always beat talent when talent refuses to work hard.”

Get out there and work hard today, and, by all means, “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

“The Jo” and “The Bro” are ready to go. They are excited for the hotel with the pool and have had their back packs packed since 7am. Jo claims he can walk on water like the Basilisk Lizard, and Samson has regenerating limbs in case of a shark bite. In case you were wondering…

Kale Caesar with Shrimp and Scallop Brochettes

Ingredient List for the Dressing:

  • 2 eggs, best at room temperature or coddled
  • Juice of 1/2 lemon
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 6-10 anchovies (depending on how strong of a “Caesar” flavor you want)
  • 4 splashes hot sauce (Tabasco, Louisiana, etc…)
  • 2 tablespoons dijon or whole grain mustard
  • 1 1/2 cups light olive oil

Ingredient List for the Salad:

  • Kale, chopped
  • 2 wild shrimp, 16/20 size, peeled and deveined
  • 12 bay scallops, side muscle removed
  • Kosher salt, to taste
  • Black pepper, to taste
  • 9 mini heirloom tomatoes, quartered
  • 2 drizzle of Aged Balsamic & Olive Oil
  • Chili, to taste
  • 3 bamboos skewers

Preparation Instructions:

  1. To prepare the dressing: combine eggs, lemon juice, vinegar, garlic, anchovies, hot sauce and mustard in a blender and blend until uniform. Then, slowly drizzle in olive oil to create an emulsion. The mixture should become thick and white with a tinge of yellow. Adjust flavor to your liking. I like a strong anchovy flavor. Refrigerate the dressing until the rest of the salad is ready.
  2. To prepare the brochettes: lay four shrimp over a plastic wrapped lined cutting board and place a bay scallop in the center of each one. Line them up so that a skewer inserted through will hold all shrimp and scallops in place (like in the video). Hold your hand over the top and press gently, then, slide skewer through the shrimp and scallops to fasten them all snuggly together. Repeat two more times to yield three shrimp and scallop brochettes.
  3. To cook the brochettes: heat olive oil in a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat until oil runs like water when the pan is tilted back and forth. Season the top of the brochettes with salt and pepper and place seasoned side down in the pan. Season top side and cook for 2-3 minutes, then turn over and cook for an additional 1-2 minutes.
  4. While brochettes are cooking, prepare the salad: place quartered heirloom tomatoes in a small bowl and toss gently with olive oil, balsamic, salt, pepper and chili. Set aside. In a large mixing bowl, combine Kale and Caesar dressing and mix well with tongs or your hands until uniformly dressed.
  5. To plate: transfer dressed kale to a plate, top with shrimp and scallop brochettes and garnish with tomato-balsamic toss-up.
  6. Enjoy! and be sure to share with your friends. This recipe makes one large portion, or three small portions.

“Keep It Paleo!”


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