How to Shuck an Oyster


Today, I am going to teach you how to shuck an oyster. Growing up on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota, 100 miles from the Canadian border, I did not eat an oyster even once in my youth. I didn’t really know what they were or if people actually ate them.

In my travels to Colorado and eventually, Alaska, I learned more about them and grew an affinity for the roasted oyster. I had the privilege of learning creative ways to prepare them from Chef Alan Levinsohn and Mr. Levi Gridley at The Kincaid Grill in Anchorage, Alaska. Here is a picture of Chef Al, who has had the most formative influence on my Culinary Career.

If you are ever in Anchorage, be sure to stop by the Kincaid Grille for the best interpretation of Modern Alaskan Cuisine that exists. I spent many nights on the line at this restaurant with Levi, Al’s Sous Chef and Culinary Genious.

These two guys and a trip to Jakolof Bay during Spring Break of 2002 are how I got my start in the world of Oysters. I took this knowledge and began applying it at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge and later during my time as a Private Chef. Here is a pic of one of the Oyster nights at TML.

I’ll share more about my history with oysters later this week. This is a quick lesson on how to shuck an oyster. We need to learn this skill in order to move forward with Oysters On the Half Shell and Paleo Roasted Oysters.

Pretty straightforward, right? Practice getting your shuck on, because the variations of roaster oysters are as numerous as workout combinations. And, they make great appetizers for potlucks, dinner parties, birthdays, pontoon floats, Apres-ski, etc…

Oysters on the half shell up next.

Until then,

Paleo Nick


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