“How To” The Quickest Way to Peel Garlic


I am a huge garlic fan!

My hands smelled like garlic for most of my high school days as the restaurant I cooked at started every dish with a healthy handful of freshly sliced garlic in olive oil. If I take a deep enough whiff of my hands, I can still smell it even today. ๐Ÿ˜‰
When it comes to peeling garlic, it can be a bit annoying. So, today I share a ninja trick to peeling garlic quickly. I use a big, plastic spice jar, but you can use a mason jar or two bowls (one inverted on the other) to accomplish the same thing. Whatever you choose to do, get more garlic in your life! It is a super food of sorts and, if nothing else, it will keep vampires off your back… or your neck!
Be sure to check out my old-school Garlic Three Ways articleย to put your new skills to the test.
Have a great day! And, do your best to…
“Keep It Paleo!”
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Paleo Nick
Headed South for another Epic Prep Session.

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