How To…Cut An Onion


I love onions! Caramelized, rings, whole roasted, raw, you name it. If you think about it, the onion is often involved in our first exposure to a microscope when we look closely at the cells of onion skin. Garlic, of the same Allium species, is good for warding off vampires and kisses. I used to run a beer battered onion ring vendor booth and my hands smelled like garlic for most of my high school days.

Enough talk of onions already, let’s get to the point of this post; how to cut an onion. This continues the “How to…” series and teaches a vital skill for any aspiring cook. I show the purist version and the hack’s version, so be sure to check it out here…

There you have it! Any questions? If so, please post them to comments below. Also, if you have other ideas for “How To…” please post them and I’ll make a video.

Thanks Alaide and Robin for inquiring about this one. Both of you owe me a picture of one diced onion, half hack’s version and half purist version. I’ll be waiting…

UPDATE: Robin and Alaide submitted their homework:

Robin’s Pics here:

And Alaide’s onions:

Get out there, shed some tears, and “Keep It Paleo!”

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