“How To” Safety First With A Bleach Solution


I’m fired up about this new series. My goal in its development was to publish “one take” videos that are 60 seconds or less. If you chip away at these nuggets of info week by week, you’ll be a Culinary Ninja in no time.

Today we discuss a food-safe chlorine solution. If you want the specifics on this as they are published by Servsafe, the program that regulates restaurant sanitation, click here.ย The gist of it is that we want water that is neither hot nor cold and that contains 50-100 parts per million of chlorine. Check out the video above for just how to do this.

The reason I share this is that there are many “bleach cleaners” in the grocery story that are far too concentrated for using in the kitchen. Maybe you’ve walked into someones house and experienced their odor, or perhaps you’ve cleaned a bathroom with such a cleaner. It is very potent and has no place near the food we eat. So, ditch the expensive, overpowered premixed potion and mix it up as I show you above. If you do, you’ll be laying a solid foundation for Culinary Ninjahood!

Please stay tuned each Tuesday for new tips and tricks. And, between today and next Tuesday, do your best to keep the kitchen safe as you…

“Keep It Paleo!”

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