“How To” – Anchor Your Cutting Board, Brah!


How do you become a Culinary Ninja?

One Tuesday at a time.

Today, I show you the one fault that I see most often. I mean, sure, I don’t often see a homemade bleach solution in people’s kitchens, but I have seen an attempt with bleach cleaners and the like. However, anchoring down a cutting board is something I never see.

In a professional kitchen and culinary school alike, this is one of the first things you learn when it’s time to set up your station. Now that you have your bleach solution dialed in, I want you to use it to dampen a terry cloth towel. Then, wring it out and fold it neatly under your cutting board so that no raggedy edges are peaking out (just like I do in the video).

There are three keys to success with anchoring your board:

  1. Use a cotton tery-cloth towel. Synthetic towels or napkins will not work as well.
  2. Don’t over wet the towel. You don’t want water oozing out from under the board and you want to limit how much a wooden chopping block will absorb if you are using one.
  3. No edges of the towel should be visible. This looks shoddy and will grab any juices that drip over the edge of the board, which looks even shoddier.

Don’t spend a ton on your towels. You can get them for around $.40 each at Sam’s Clubย or a restaurant supply store.

Okay. This has been a simple tip that is will go a long way in the kitchen. A Culinary Ninja who doesn’t anchor his/her board is like a pilot who’s never flown a plane…

Anchor your board, brah!

I’m off to London today for my next Culinary Adventure. While I won’t have as many friends joining me on this trip, I still love traveling and seeing new parts of the world.

Have a great day and do your best to…

“Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

In charge of this wrecking crew.

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