“Fund Our Freezer”


We are on the move at Paleo Productions!!!

We’ve got big things in the works and we’re reaching out to you for support. PaleoNick.com is taking on a new look in the coming months as I now have a staff to help create content, post articles, handle social media, and the like.

On the Ice Age Meals side of things, we are growing at a rapid rate. We just secured financing to purchase a 1-acre property in Stead, Nevada that will allow us to bring our high-quality product to market in a more efficient way. I want your help to “Fund our Freezer” and use financing as “Plan B”.

In order to do this, my team has put together a deal like no other!

From today through August 30th, you will have a chance to buy our “Sampler Special”, which includes:

– 24 Ice Age Meals delivered to your door.

You’ll receive 2 of each of our twelve meals in one shipment. You can choose when you’d like them delivered anytime after August 1st.

– 1 six-pack of our PALEO GRIND Spice Blends.

You’ll receive one each of Super Radical Rib Rub, Cheechako Tako, Veggie Victory, Lemon Pepper Love, Greek Freak, and Ga Ga Garlic. These will ship on or before October 1st, 2016.

– 1 Free meal from Paleo Nick’s food booth.

You can use your meal ticket at anytime in the future at any of the events where we have our booth. You can give the ticket to a friend, sell it on ebay, frame it, whatever you’d like to do. We’ll be at all of the Regionals next year and many other events across the country as well.

– 1 Free “Chipper” Ice Cream Sandwich from Paleo Nick’s food booth.

Same story as the free meal. You can redeem this at anytime in the future at any of the events where we have our booth.

– 1 Annual Subscription to PaleoNick.com

We’ll set up your account and email your username and password within 5 days of purchase.This is also transferrable. If you already have a subscription, you can add 12 months to it, or give the subscription as a gift to a friend.

The total value of this package is over $400.00 and we’re offering it for only $249.99!!!

If you’d like to support this effort, please click here to place your order:


You can purchase as many “Sampler Specials” as you’d like and can redeem them at any point after August 1st, 2016. When placing your order, simply leave your desired delivery date in the order notes and we’ll send the food and meal/chipper tickets accordingly. If you purchase more than one “Games Sampler Special”, we’ll email you to set up your future shipments.

I don’t like to ask for help. However, I believe in the power of community and will do what I can to reduce my reliance on financing. We have an amazing product that will only get better and I’d love for you to invest in us by making a purchase during this campaign and by telling your friends!

We are going to have an engraved placard with everyone’s name who helps “Fund Our Freezer”. It will be mounted in the lobby of our new facility and you’re name will forever be one of the building blocks in the foundation of making a difference in America’s future!

In the near future, our menu will change quarterly. We will be adding a seafood line including Wild Alaskan Salmon and Wild Gulf Shrimp, we will formally launch our PALEO GRIND spice line, and we’ll do everything we can to keep you happy and keep you coming back for more.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope that you’ll support the Freezer Fund, that you’ll tell your friends and neighbor’s, and, above all that you’ll “Keep It Paleo!” at every opportunity. Except when eating the “Chipper”! 🙂

Please leave comments below or contact us with any questions.

In Gratitude.

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(Second from the end, right in front of Bobby Benedict…)


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