Paleo Filet Oscar – A Legendary Offering




Filet Oscar is like Manna from Heaven, only it comes from 600 feet under the sea… Well, at least the crab does. I’ve loved this dish since the moment I laid eyes on it and the first bite is with the eyes, no?

Anyhow, this is my Paleo version. I’m a huge fan of whittled asparagus (which I learned about from my man, Thomas Keller) and Oscar is usually accompanied by mashed potatoes and asparagus. So, why not just cut the potatoes and double (or triple) the asparagus?

This dish is quickly becoming the popular request at my dinner parties. I now use this site as a menu option library for my clients and this one is rarely glanced over. I could manage eating this once per month for the rest of my life, but the challenge is now to make something better. The problem with that is that I am stuck in a paradigm where I can’t imagine a meal I’d rather eat. It doesn’t get any better for me. But, I’m up to the challenge, so stay tuned to see what I come up with…

Until then, “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

Paleo Filet Oscar

Ingredient List: 

  • 2 – 3oz. slices filet mignon
  • 1 teaspoon shallots, minced
  • 1 teaspoon garlic, minced
  • 16 pieces asparagus
  • 3 pieces King Crab Merus, approximately 1oz. each
  • Olive oil, as necessary
  • Kosher salt, to taste
  • Black pepper, to taste
  • Hollandaise sauce (recipe below)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. If you are using a whole tenderloin, begin by removing all of the silver skin. The goal is to remove as little meat with the silver skin as possible, as seen in the video. If you have the option, use the section of tenderloin just below the head. That is the “filet mignon” and is the most tender.
  2. For the asparagus: Preheat a pan with olive oil and add shallots and garlic. Add whittled asparagus to pan and add a little water.
  3. For the beef: Season filets with kosher salt on one side and place in preheated pan with olive oil (salted side down). Now season top of filet and cook until it has a nice sear on one side and then flip and cook other side. Our goal temperature for medium rare is 120-130º.
  4. Check in on asparagus and season with kosher salt and black pepper.
  5. For the crab: Place Merus pieces and a small amount of water in a pan and warm gently, then cut the heat.
  6. Once everything is finished cooking, layer tenderloin and King Crab on top of asparagus. Drape with hollandaise and enjoy!

Holly, Holly, Hollandaise

Ingredient List:

  • Clarified butter, placed it in a squirt bottle (approx. 18 oz will be used)
  • 1 lemon
  • Water, as needed
  • Kosher salt, to taste
  • Tobacco sauce, to taste

Preparation Instructions: *We recommend checking out the video for best results.

  1. Place a soup pot with 3-4 inches of water over medium heat on the stove and heat to a slow boil (you don’t want a rapid boil).
  2. Add 3 egg yolks to a medium sized mixing bowl, the juice of half a lemon and whisk like crazy. Place bowl over of the soup pot, creating a double-boiler on the stove, and continue to whisk until the mixture becomes frothy. Remove the bowl from the heat periodically, but don’t stop whisking! The emulsifying process will take a little while, at least 4-5 minutes, so we hope your arms are ready for it. Once the mixture has increased in volume and forms ribbons or streaks in the bowl when you whisk through it, remove the bowl from the pot and place on a towel.
  3. Now it’s time to add the clarified butter in small squirts, alternating with spoonfuls of hot water from the soup pot. Add the butter and whisk until it thickens the mixture and then continue whisking as you add warm water to thin it out again. You will do this over and over until you have used approximately 18oz of the butter and reached the desired consistency for the sauce. Once you’re there, add the other half of your lemon juice, kosher salt and Tobasco to taste.
  4. Transfer to another dish for serving. If the sauce thickens before you serve it, bring it back to life by stirring in a little warm water.

“Keep It Paleo!”

Zone Breakdown:


We have 2 3oz steak which once cooked cook down to weight a total of about 5oz total.  With the block measurement being 1oz equals one block, then we have 5 protein blocks from the steak.  Additionally, we have 3oz of crab.  We know that 1.5oz equals one block so that is an additional 2 blocks of protein for a total of 7.


We have 16 spears of asparagus.  About 12 spears equal one block.  Since the size of the spears is not consistent, we will say that we get 1.5 blocks from the 12 spears.


The Fats are going to be dependent on how much oil and Hollandaise sauce is used.  For every tablespoon of oil that is used, we are adding 9 blocks.

Balancing Act:

We can divide this meal into two meals of about 3 protein blocks and 1 carbohydrate block. It is a light meal, so add in some extra carbs to bring up the carb count.


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