Fitness Friday – Get It In!


“You get really strong in your garage.”– Greg Glassman

This quote has stuck with me since I started CrossFit. The thing about your garage is that it doesn’t have a time restraint. You don’t have to make a scheduled class or even make it to the gym during business hours. Your garage is always open! A quick set of back squats, a max set of thrusters, some burpee box jumps, they’re all right there.

In my quest to get back on track with working out, I am relying heavily on my garage. I also have weights and a rower at the kitchen and I work out there often, but what about the times when the day is drawing to a close and you haven’t worked out yet? I’m here to encourage you to “GET IT IN!”

It doesn’t matter if it’s ten minutes or five minutes or only three, something is better than nothing. This year, when you are missing out on a workout, I want you to think of me as a little angel on your shoulder whispering – “Get it in.” If there’s one thing I know, 50 push-ups are better than none and sometimes that’s all you’ve got is 50 push-ups. Well, good on you. Make them perfect push-ups and go fast. When you are done, smile and pat yourself on the back because 50 push-ups are better than none!

Here are five of my favorite “anywhere” workouts. You could do these in an airport, an office, a break room, a shopping mall, a church, the middle of the street, on your porch, in your garage, you get the idea…

Four rounds for time:

50 air squats

50 sit-ups

For time:

75 air squats

75 push-ups

75 air squats

100 burpees for time.


20 jumping lunges

20 sit ups

20 push-ups

20 super mans

For time:

100 air squats

100 push-ups

100 sit-ups

100 burpees

Okay, guys. That’s what I’ve got for you today. I hope you’ll remember this bit of advice because it is a good one. I use it all the time and I never regret it.

Have a great weekend and make sure to remember that it is the small decisions that we make on a daily basis that add up to large changes. When you’re tempted to eat poorly this weekend, don’t! When you are tempted to skip a workout, “Get It In!”

Happy New Year!

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(In charge of these two…)

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