Paleo Demi Glace – The Sauce of All Sauces




Traditional demi glace is a combination of half brown stock and half Sauce Espagnole, reduced by half. My version skips all of the complicated steps, and the flour, and leaves you with a velvety, gelatinous, and meaty sauce that will bring a tear to your eye.

While there is a time commitment to Demi, it is very hands-off and is worth it in the end. I’ve been making it for nearly 10 years and there’s nothing that compares to it. You can purchase a powdered version, or even a little puck that you dissolve in water, but it’s not the same. The best convenience Demi I’ve seen is a frozen version that costs aroud $30/pound.

As with Hollandaise and fitness, there are some things in life that allow us no short cuts. Put this one on your bucket list and make it soon. If you do, you’ll find yourself making it again and again…

With this video, I wrap up my October shoot. A lot has changed since then and I am excited about the upcoming content on this site. There are a couple of stragglers that we’ll see in the next two weeks, namely Chipotle Braised Short Ribs with Sweet Potatoes and Chianti Braised Lamb Shanks.

I will do my best to keep the content as current as possible. I’m setting up the kitchen in my new home as a studio in order to do so. This will also give you a closer look at how I “Keep It Paleo” on a daily basis.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series and I encourage you to stay tuned.

The best is yet to come…

With this I’m off to set up for the CrossFit South Bay Keep It Paleo! Seminar. We’ll be sure to take lots of pictures and videos that I’ll share next week.

Have a great weekend and “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

Paleo Demi Glace

Ingredient List:

  • 20 Pounds Grass-Fed Beef Bones
  • 2-3 Cups Tomato Paste
  • 20 Quarts Cold Water
  • Sachet d’epices (optional)
  • 4 lbs. Mire Poix, (optional) (2 lbs onions, 1lb carrots, 1lb celery)

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Roast Bones in a 400°F oven for 1 hour.
  2. Remove from oven and perform the Pincage (pin-sahg) by brushing all bones with tomato paste.
  3. Return pasted bones to oven for 30-45 minutes longer.
  4. Remove from oven and transfer to a large stock pot.
  5. Cover with cold water and add the optional sachet and mire poix.
  6. Bring to a simmer, then reduce heat to a light bubble. 
  7. Skim the fat and scum from the surface every hour or so.
  8. Cook for12-24 hours or until the liquid has reduced to one-fifth of original volume.
  9. Strain bones from liquid and transfer liquid to a smaller pot.
  10. You can rewet the bones at this point and follow the same process over again.
  11. Continue reducing your demi-glace liquid until it reaches half of strained volume. You will need to continue to “skim the scum” at this point as well.
  12. You can stop the reduction any point now, portion the sauce into containers and freeze it. Or, you can continue to reduce until you have approximately 1 quart of sauce, which should put you in the neighborhood for a “nape” consistency.
  13. If sauce is still too thin, continue reducing, but be careful of scorching as sauce thickens because you can ruin the whole thing in an instant.
  14. Freeze the portioned quantities, then thaw them out and reduce further at time of service. Demi is great with a red wine reduction over just about anything. Have fun with this one and be sure to….

“Keep It Paleo!”

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