The Holiday Series – Deep Fried Turkey


Marky Mark’s back at it and, once again, he doesn’t dissapoint. If you’ve ever wanted to deep fry a turkey, but didn’t know what to do, watch this video. While deep frying is second fiddle to smoking, it is a quick way to cook your turkey and the crispy skin alone is worth it.

Check it out above…

While we used olive oil in order to “Keep It Paleo!”, it is not necessary. You could make the case that peanut oil is the best for frying, but other vegetable oils work too. After all, these are the holidays…

Smoked turkey up next. I know these videos are last minute, but just consider them early for Christmas or next Thanksgiving. That will give you ample time to plan.

At Thanksgiving, I like to think about the Native Americans who once lived here. Dances with Wolves is one of my top three favorite movies. I shared a bit about this as I taught class today at CrossFit South Bay. Kicking Bird asks John Dunbar how many white people will come. Dunbar struggles because he cannot describe this number as he has never seen so many people. They look up to the sky and Dunbar says, “Like the stars.” Think about that guys…

Another way to relate to the Native Americans is through a Dave Matthews song, Don’t Drink The Water. The lyrics to the song are here.

Enough already, where’s that smoked turkey? Coming right up…

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

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