Catherine Belme and I spent last Saturday morning racing around town to pick up the last of the groceries for this amazing event. We hit up Restaurant Depot, 99 Ranch Market, Sam’s Club and Food 4 Less. We dropped the groceries at the kitchen just in time to race off to John Moery’s Paleo Science In A Nutshell presentation. We learned a ton from John and then sped back to the kitchen to apply the Paleo mindset to a day of cooking…

This was a test run on a smaller format seminar and it worked well. We had 14 attendees and 4 assistants and it was just about the right number for the kitchen we were using.

We peeled, deveined and cooked 25 pounds of wild shrimp and cooked 115 pounds of pork andย  grass-fed beef. If you do the math, each person took home 10 pounds of meat which was paired nicely with an array of veggies.

We roasted the shrimp shells and made shrimp stock, which was a lovely addition to our Thai Shrimp Curry.

For more details on what went down, watch this video:

In the end, people took home much more than prepared meals. They gained confidence in the kitchen and have already begun putting their new-found-knowledge to work.

I love to teach and I feel privileged to host events like this. I truly believe that we are happiest when we cook for ourselves, and, if the food is healthy and tasty, we’ll be even happier!

There is another Keep It Paleo! Seminar coming up next weekend at Sin City CrossFitย in Henderson, NV (a suburb of Las Vegas).

A big thanks to all who attended the seminar and a bigger thanks to those who helped out. The event was a success and the credit goes to you.

I had a great time and I look forward to cooking with you in the future.

In the meantime, “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

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