Chipotle Shrimp “En Papillote” Prep with Bellmont Stakes


This is the first video in a series that will teach you the “en papillote” preparation. While we chose shrimp for this one, the technique can be applied to a variety of foods.

Catherine Belme joins me for some Culinary Arts & Crafts. She displays her characteristic, timid charm, but don’t let it fool you as she gets the last laugh in this series…

This video was filmed the day after this year’s Kentucky Derby.

Things are getting pretty serious on my end. We had $200,000 of equipment delivered today for the opening of CrossFit South Bay Torrance, which I will be managing. On top of that, we are packing up the family for a trip to Minnesota on Wednesday for my brother’s wedding. When we return it is “game on” for The CrossFit Games and the subsequent opening of CFSBT… Oh yah, and I slept less than three hours last night because I was up tiling the bathroom at CFSB Hermosa. But, I did get a nap today, so things are great!

Now, I’m heading off to deliver dinner for a client, grout the tile, install a sink, light fixture and toilet and then gather the tools necessary to install a 100′ pull-up rig tomorrow. Then, there’s the intro workout tomorrow in the parking lot at CFSBT which I’ll be leading and smoking burger for. And, I just found out I’ll be cooking dinner for 200 for the Again Faster/CFSBT party next Friday…

I know that content on my site has been a bit skimpy lately, but I hope that giving you a glimpse of what I’ve got on my plate will help you understand why.

Times like these remind me of the lyric, “If you’re not laughing, who is laughing now?” by Needtobreathe. If we desire to be encouragers of people and we are unable to laugh during tough times, then who is going to be able to do so. When you are feeling a bit stressed, just sing that short line, “If you’re not laughing, who is laughing now?” And, don’t forget to laugh.

On with the cooking, friends, get your parchment ready, keep your cuts clean, and by all means, “Keep It Paleo!”

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(Seen here with my man Shabir, who came to last weeks free intro class. It is my mission to help this guy, so stay tuned for details of his progress.)

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