Chipotle Maple Holiday Ham – CrossFit Series




Order a pork leg from your local butcher. Refer to it as”raw” or “fresh” to ensure that it has not been injected or smoked. I got mine from this lady:

Brine the leg for up to one week, by following the instructions found in the recipe.

Then, invite some friends over and get your smoke on. “Vin Diesel” Santangelo and Kyler Robert William Allison were my friends of choice, with “G Squared” Garcia on the camera…

This video was featured in The CrossFit Journal, if you are not a subscriber, I recommend treating yourself to a subscription as a Christmas present to yourself…

This preparation isn’t only for the Holidays, pork leg is a great option for weekly protein prep. With the leg costing $1.99/lb, you can get a lot of meat for a little money…

If you make this, please share your story as I would love to hear about it.

Stay tuned for some more Christmas Dinner preparations.

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Until then, “Keep It Paleo!”

Merry Christmas,

Paleo Nick

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