My Bus Tub Looks Black, But It’s Really Green… A Poem!


I wrote this article, and the following poem, in response to those asking about my bus tub program. Each week, when I release the “Get It Together!” menu plan, the first instruction is to compile your grocery list and put your bus tubs in your car. A lot of you are like, “What bus tubs?” Well, let the suspense carry on no longer! I began using bus tubs as a private chef because it was the most efficient way to purchase and transport groceries. Today, I’ll share my take on this efficiency. Here is the poem…

In this mountain town I live, the earth got lucky,

Because they’ve outlawed plastic bags in Truckee.

So today’ I’ll tell you a story of how to efficiently buy grub.

Let me introduce you to my black bus tub.

Stick around for a moment and I’ll show you what I mean

When I tell you my black bus tubs are green.

How many times have you gone to the store for some soap and some rags

And come home with fourteen groceries in thirteen bags?

You probably know this, but plastic bags aren’t smart.

We’d have been better off banning them from the start. 

They’re cheap and easy, which is the American way,

But today I want to show you how I play.

Get yourself some tubs of the bussing kind

Then clean out your bag bag one last time.

Keep you tubs clean and store them in your trunk.

Your reliance on plastic bags is about to be bunk.

Bring your tubs to the store and place them under your cart.

Then tackle checkout time like a performing art.

Give the bag boy a break, tell him “move aside son. 

Let me show you how the efficiency game is won.”

“If you want to fondle your own groceries that’s fine,

but the goods coming down the belt are mine.”

Then strategically take and place them in order,

So you appear to be organized and not a hoarder.

When you get home, pantry them up and fridge them away

Then efficiently move along with your day.

Wipe up your tubs and give them a clean

And remember that though they look black, they’re green!

I cannot tell you how many times the cashiers, bag boys, and other people in line have watched in awe and wonder as I “tub up” my groceries and head out the door.

The only thing that I wonder is why they are so amazed?

I mean are bus tubs really that hard to come by?

If it’s really such a great idea, then why do you still use plastic bags?

And sure, reusable bags are fine,

but they’re a step below bus tubs in my mind.

Was that another stanza? Come on, Nick, stop the rhyming already!

My goal of this post was to tell my story and to set the stage for the Culinary Ninja Starte Kit that I’ll have available on my site. The box it will ship in will be a bus tub and it’s contents will help you be efficient with grub. Stop it, Nick! Seriously.

Okay, enough already. I know they sell grey bus tubs at Sam’s Club in their catering equipment section. They also have them at Restaurant Depot and all other restaurant supply stores. Using this link from the Webstaurant store, you can purchase them for $3.44 and they’ll deliver them right to your door. Was that a triple?

Be the cool guy with the bus tubs who causes jaws to drop. Bus tubs are Paleo 😉

“Keep It Paleo!” guys.

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(Living in Truckee really isn’t that bad, at least “The Bro!” would agree…)


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