I was warned when starting the Smolov Squat Cycle that my appetite would increase. Now, starting my second week, I am beginning to feel that very effect…

My growling stomach and some garden fresh fruits and veggies were the inspiration for this quick breakfast that I just DESTROYED!! If I ever had to eat an omelette for time, this would be the one I’d choose. Here’s how it went down…

I started with a small bunch of broccoli, a slice of grilled sweet potato, three slices of bacon, two cloves of garlic, one of my favorite convenience items, Herdez Salsa Chipotle, and three farm fresh eggs.

I put my knife to work and whipped up the eggs and ended up with this.

I started two small saute pans over medium-high heat with olive oil, I added the garlic to one and the bacon to the other.

Once the bacon was heated through, I set it aside off of the heat and focused on the pan with the garlic. One of the best smells going, garlic in olive oil, is often referred to as the “realm of voluptuosity”. If you have not experienced this smell, I recommend doing so on soon.

I added the broccoli and sweet potatoes to the garlic and gave it a few tosses.

I let this cook for a minute or so, allowing some of the garlic and sweet potatoes to stick to the pan. I then deglazed the pan with a little water and covered it with a bowl to create a makeshift steamer.

I slid this to the back burner and brought my bacon back up to temp. When it was hot, I added the eggs.

As the eggs cooked, I slid a rubber spatula under them and allowed the runny eggs on top to run around to the hot surface of the pan. I then slid the spatula out and allowed the new eggs to adhere. I repeated this step in two other spots. This is standard omelette procedure unless you are making a French omelette, which calls for constant shirring of the eggs with a fork.

I removed the bowl from the other pan and added two heaping teaspoons of chipotle salsa.

When the top eggs were stiff enough to remain stable during a flip, I flipped them. The stovetop looked like this.

Time to assemble. I poured the broccoli mixture out onto the center of the eggs.

I was planning on a double fold, but the filling was too bulky, so I went with the single fold.

I topped the omelette with two more spoonfuls of chipotle salsa and a bunch of fresh pico de gallo that my wife requested I make last night at 11:00pm. I’m such a nice guy.

I then proceeded to DESTROY this masterpiece. If I ever have a Paleo breakfast joint, this will be on the menu. I might call it the Post WODder, or the Broccotle Bacon Sweet Potico Sampler. Yeah, something like that…

To make this a top shelf offering, I’d add some avocado on top and some Maytag blue cheese inside. Oh man, now I’m getting hungry again.

Do yourself a favor and attack a barbell today. I did two sets of two heavy back squats this morning. On the second one, I set my mind to making the bar move as quickly as it would if it were empty. It made all the difference. Go into the tunnel in proper position, drive your knees out and go down and up, it’s that simple.

I’ll leave you with a morsel of wisdom, “A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you won’t get anywhere until you change it.”

Keep It Paleo!


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