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This week's tester is the ever so awesome Rachel Keele from Michigan. Rachel keeps coming back for more meal plans. She told me when we finally meet face-to-face at this years CrossFit games that she loves testing for us not only because it's fun to try new recipes, but mainly because her husband is a vegetarian and this is the best way for her to add some meaty protein into her meals. Smart the thinking Rachel!

Scroll down to see the photos Rachel captured while preparing here chosen meals:

Three Pepper Turkey Chili 


Paleo Nachos Part Duex

SFH Banana Choco-damia Chiller

Paleo Pecan Chicken Salad with Massie Mayo

Yet another spectacular job Rachel! I just love that I got to meet you in person this year. Your prayers going into and during the Games this year were much needed and appreciated! Thank you for your awesome work and overwhelming support!

(Rachel and her hubby)






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