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This week's testers are Natasha and Doug Pucillo from Killingworth, CT. Natasha is a police officer. In her spare time, she enjoys working out, running, cooking and spending time with her husband and their rescue dog Sundae.

Here's what Natasha had to share about her meal prep experience:

"I enjoyed learning a little more about Paleo recipes and cooking something different.  I have made traditional versions of some of these recipes in the past and this was really cool to see and taste the difference."

There are the photos Natasha and Doug took while prepping and cooking their chosen meals:

Southwest Slow Cooker Chicken

Pineapple Chicken with Broccoli

Pastel de Papa

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Thank you Natasha for taking the time to test these recipes for us! You made some great recipe choices and now have some new culinary ninja skills under your belt. It sure looks like Sundae enjoyed helping with clean up too!


(Natasha, Doug and Sundae)


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