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Rachel Keele from Michigan is back at it again. She takes pride in her cooking and  it shows in her photos and the platting of her meals. One year ago, Rachel suffered from an unexpected stroke and since then has tested meal plan after meal plan for us. Each one she tests tops the last and I always look forward to receiving her photos and feedback.

Take a look at the spectacular photos Rachel submitted for this meal plan:

It's Not Gourmet Bro - Beef Stew with Green Chiles and Yams

Cheechako Turkey Tacos

Zucchini Entomatada

Thai Ginger Basil Chicken

Rachel, once again you have done an AMAZING job with your recipe choices and photos! Thank you for your continuing efforts to highlight new and simple recipes with each meal plan you choose to test. I look forward to seeing your results each time you participate and your feedback is always superb. Also, the way you break down the cost on each meal you make is such a nice touch. Keep up the great work "keeping it Paleo" in your own kitchen.



(Rachel and her great smile)












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