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This week's tester is the wonderful Rachel Kelle and her family from Berrien Springs, MI. Rachel has completed four meal plans for us this year and she knocked it out of the park once again. But we threw her a curve ball this time - she didn't get to choose the recipes! Check out the meals she's made before right here: 16.8, 16.25, 16.44.

Photographic evidence of Rachel's six meals this time around:

Spicy Chicken Stir Fry

Balsamic Braised Lamb Shanks

Sweet Potato, Shrimp and Chicken Chowder

Orange Peel Chicken

Corned Beef and Cabbage Breakfast Skillet

Sausage and Porcini Pizza

Rachel, even if I said thanks a million times, it wouldn't be enough when I think about all the work you have put in for us this year! You've done a wonderful job of showing just how easy it can be to make these healthy meals in your own home. Here's hoping you're game to test for us once (or twice or three times...) in the coming year. You are a true Ninja in my eyes, and so we say it once again - thank you! :)

Rachel! Nice work! I love the pic below and remember meeting you at The Games. I hope both you and I make it to Madison this summer so we can hang out and eat Reina Pepiada together once more... Thanks for all your work this year. I know that Katie has enjoyed working with you and a friend of hers is a friend of mine! Have a very Merry Christmas! Don't take yourself too seriously, be sure to indulge a little, but for the most part, I hope you...

"Keep It Paleo!"

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

(With Rachel at this year's CrossFit Games)









I have been a cook for the past 20 years and a CrossFitter since 2008.  It is my passion to share my cooking knowledge through the videos on this site.  I want to turn you into a Culinary Ninja while helping you "Keep it Paleo!"

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