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"It's Not Gourmet, Bro!" Southwest Slow Cooker Chicken 

The whole chicken! It's the true test of any cuisinier and, while I prefer it roasted, today's preparation shows us a no nonsense, slow cooker approach. While this is mainly a protein source, I paired it with some flavors of the Southwest and a few veggies to make it a one pot meal.

I use a six quart slow cooker, which yields 4 healthy quarts of deliciousness, or as many meals for a hungry guy. Check it out above.

I'm not a huge fan of chicken breast meat, as I prefer to eat it this way, but today's recipe comes in a close second. Using the broth and pulling the chicken apart, you are able to give the inherently dry breast some moisture. However, I'm still a glutton for legs and thighs...

This is a great make-ahead meal that you can portion out and freeze, but works best as to cook-all-day- and-make-my-house-smell-great-while-I'm-off-at-work. Remember, "It's not gourmet, it just tastes that way!"

If you haven't entered the Camp Chef Smoke Vault giveaway, check out the details here for your chance to smoke your turkey this Thanksgiving.

We are happiest when we cook for ourselves, so I encourage you to get in the kitchen and cook for yourself today.

"Keep It Paleo!"

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick

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I have been a cook for the past 20 years and a CrossFitter since 2008.  It is my passion to share my cooking knowledge through the videos on this site.  I want to turn you into a Culinary Ninja while helping you "Keep it Paleo!"

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