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Chicken Wings with Paleo Ranch

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I love chicken wings!

Simply fried chicken coated in a cayenne pepper sauce with ample celery and carrots and some sort of creamy concoction for dipping is a balanced meal for me. While they are typically high in fat, and unhealthy fat if going to a regular restaurant, you can improve on this by roasting the wings and whipping up some Ranch made with olive oil.

This is exactly what I do today. In the video, I use whole wings, but you can easily use wing segments, which cost less and are easier to find. The cool thing about the wing is that it is white meat. However, the ratio of actual meat to skin is very low, so just keep that in mind and don't live off of these things. Lean protein is best for fueling every day life and a treat like these wings are exactly that, a treat. 

The Ranch is basically a Massie Mayo mixed up with red wine vinegar, fresh parsley, garlic and black pepper. You can toy around with this as much as you'd like to include Chipotle Ranch, Sriracha Ranch, Bacon Ranch, Cajun Ranch, etc... However you mix it up, just remember that the benefit of making your own dressing is that you replace the cheap vegetable oil, typically soybean oil, with high-quality olive oil.

I head out today for 10 days in Portland with 10 Ninjas! We are catering the CrossFit West Regionals and have an Ice Age Meals booth to promote our line of frozen meals. 

As an entrepreneur, it is important to look back and remember all that has been accomplished on the work road. Today, I reflect on my first venture, the 2006 Girdwood Forest Fair in Girdwood, Alaska. I had a booth called "Wings 'n' Rings". That was 10 years ago. Much has been accomplished in the past decade and I look forward to the next ten years working together with my team of Ninjas. I hope that you'll follow along as we blaze a trail to bring healthy food to the masses. 

Enjoy your Sunday, make some wings and, when you do, smile because you are...

"Keeping It Paleo!"

Your Pal,

Paleo Nick





I have been a cook for the past 20 years and a CrossFitter since 2008.  It is my passion to share my cooking knowledge through the videos on this site.  I want to turn you into a Culinary Ninja while helping you "Keep it Paleo!"

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