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Cheechako Chicken Tostones

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Paleo-Nick-cheechako-chicken-tostonesLast week, Nick showed you how to make tostones and we hope you were paying attention. This week, we're topping those tostones with what may be one of the world's most amazing flavor combos - caramelized Cheechako Tako chicken thighs and fresh papaya salsa.

If you have the tostones ready to go, the rest of this dish comes together quickly. The seasoned chicken thighs cook while you prep the papaya salsa and the 60-second guac, and then it's just a matter of layering things up. But even if you're starting from square one, none of it is overly labor intense. And it's all totally worth it.

Nick plated these up family style, and they look like perfect party food. But these chicken and papaya salsa-topped tostones would make a pretty killer dinner too.

It's finally starting to feel like spring around here, and this is the kind of food we're excited about as the days warm up and the sun lingers a little longer. So make these Nicaraguan nachos this week and enjoy all that flavor as you...

"Keep it Paleo!"

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