Alaskan Culinary Adventure – The Video

A huge thanks to Brenden Lisiย for putting this video together!

We’ve got Workouts, the Rifle Range, the Tordrillo Mountain Games, Glacier Hiking, Float Plane Flying, Fishing, Boating, Water Sports, Poem Reading, Cooking, Eating, and lots of Smiles. The main workout that you see here was the first one we did and it was:

For time, with a partner, complete 100 burpees. One partner has to be in the water submerged past their shoulders before the other partner can start the burpees. You can switch as often as you’d like, but must switch every 15 burpees. Big-D and I won with a time of 6:09 and the last group finished in under 9 minutes. It was a short one, but fun. An ice-breaker if you will… pun intended ๐Ÿ™‚

As you can see, we had a great time in Alaska. While I can write words and share pictures to recap the trip, a video works wonders in conveying what pictures and words cannot.
“Keep It Paleo!”
Your Pal,
Paleo Nick

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